My PCC Journey

Four years ago I was asked to run for PCC trustee because the governance of PCC had deteriorated badly resulting in frequent negative publicity and accreditation probation.  This was unacceptable for a vital local institution with a tradition of excellence spanning over nine decades.

I believed then that my EXPERIENCE as a university professor, my expertise as a CPA and MBA, my 40 years as a financial executive and business owner, my LEADERSHIP role on corporate, charitable and civic boards and my DEDICATION could help restore good governance and help PCC regain the reputation that it has earned for student success over many decades of hard work and sound management.

The constituents in Seat #2 voted for change, electing me, a political novice. I have worked hard for 4 years as a member of the PCC Board of Trustees. 

I served with distinction in leadership positions on key committees and was elected unanimously by my fellow trustees to serve as Board vice-president and currently as Board Chair/President.

Inspired by my fellow trustee and mentor, Linda Wah, I also serve on and regularly attend the County, State and National college governance organizations, lobby for important legislation in Sacramento and Washington, and initiated legislation to help food insecure college students nationwide.  These efforts are above and beyond the basic duties of a trustee and have benefited our PCC students and community.

The RESULTS are in.  We have restored good governance to PCC and balanced the budget each year.  PCC regained full accreditation status and has since been named one of the top 10 Community Colleges in the Nation (twice in a row!) We also achieved numerous other accolades for Student Success and Student Equity.

We are very proud of these results but there is much more to do.  We have set very ambitious GOALS for the future and I am personally committed to help PCC achieve these goals despite the financial challenges that may lay ahead for our community college system in an uncertain economic climate.  I need your help to be re-elected and I believe I have earned the right to ask you to SUPPORT JIM again.

I am proud to receive the ENDORSEMENTS of numerous leaders in Government and Education at the national, state and local level.